Title:2nd International Conference and Expo on Oil Gas 2019
Description:Oil and Gas 2019 Conference cordially welcome all the Directors, Dean, Professors, Government officials, Industry professionals, Experts, Students, Delegates, Scientist, Researchers inclusive of Exhibitors and Sponsors to the “2nd International Conference and Expo on Oil and Gas 2019” which is going to be held amid December 02 to 03, 2019 in The Beautiful City of Gold Dubai, UAE. Allied academies successfully conducted more than 300 effective conference in multitudinous sectors across USA, Europe and Asia, more than 1000 scientific society’s support and 400+ open access journal which contains 30000 eminent personalities in editorial board member
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Meta Description:Oil Gas Conference: The world's largest Oil-Gas Conference and Gathering for the Research Community, Join the Natural Gas Conference at Dubai, UAE